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NovusAGENDA is proven electronic board meeting software designed to help create, approve and track meeting items. This board portal software allows organizations to save time and money by automating their paper-intense process while reducing board member preparation time. Paperless meetings become a breeze with NovusAGENDA allowing you to easily create and distribute your board packet.

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NovusAGENDA electronic agenda management software creates a well organized and easy-to-use paperless meeting management solution. This board meeting software minimizes the time spent compiling and distributing agendas and minutes, but also saves paper and ensures agendas, minutes and meeting actions will be automatically posted to your Web site. The public and people within your organization will enjoy the benefits that come with NovusAGENDA's ability to seamlessly distribute your board packet. This proven capability would allow you to reduce inefficiencies and increase transparency. In addition, you will also see an immediate return on investment. Benefits include:

  • Drastically reduce paperwork
  • Consistent formats and naming conventions, ensuring uniformity
  • Quick research capability
  • Control over item submission deadlines
  • Reporting options to tracks goals, budgets and other issues

NovusBOARDVIEW board meeting software brings the full power of electronic data access to the fingertips of each board member in an elecronic board packet. This Web-based interface that is compliant with any device, including tablets, empowers board members with internet access with the ability to:

  • View upcoming meeting agenda
  • View specific items, along with support material
  • Make private comments on any item for meeting preparation
  • View past minutes
  • Review and comment on draft minutes prior to voting on them
  • Research past agenda, minutes and personal comments.
  • Electronic Voting with Any Device including Tablets and Laptops

NovusMEETING allows you to track motions, votes and discussions during the meeting. This functionality tracks all meeting actions and produces your draft and final minutes within seconds! NovusMEETING speeds the delivery of meeting outcomes to the public and saves time and money for your staff.

NovusVIDEO allows for live and on-demand streaming of your meetings via Internet. We offer full meeting indexing for you, saving time and money.

Term Tracking NovusAGENDA offers a full electronic term tracking software module:

  • Track each Member's term
  • Manage boards and mission statements
  • Bios and contact information for each board member
  • Public access to all this information via the web site